2.25.14 Top 10 Calorie Myth Count Down

As you know from the cover of The Calorie Myth book, Dr. Mark Hyman has been a vocal supporter of our efforts. I’m delighted that we now have the opportunity to reciprocate the love Dr. Hyman has shown us by checking out his brand new book and the absurd number of free bonuses he’s offering. 

10. It’s all about results…and how becoming a pragmatist can simplify the heck out of your life.

9. And then join us in studio where Dr. Hyman provides an exclusive video chat on how to Activate Your Body’s Natural Ability to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast or checkout the audio-only 

8. What Joel Furhman, Spices, Egg White Powder, and Intense Exercise Have in Common

7. Why Overeating Doesn’t Make You Fat: Guest Post by Dr. Mark Hyman

6. Study Shows Obese Teens Eat **Fewer** Calories Than Peers

5. Does Walking Burn Fat Effectively?

4. The at-home eccentric exercise equipment I use

3. Dr. Susanne joins us to share some surprising science about allergies…plus, a free downloadable eBook 

2. Dr. Pedram Shojai reveals how to achieve vitality in his brand new movie! …plus, screen the movie for free here

1. I’d love to meet you at this year’s PaleoFX conference. I’ll be speaking and signing books all over the place :)

Yours ending disproven calorie myths,
Jonathan Bailor (connect with me)
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