How to Lose 100 lbs Without Starvation or Cardio After Breaking Your Neck

by Christine Biswabic (pictured above)

Eat SANE and Smile! Hi, my name is Christine Biswabic and this is my new motto. I have learned how to take my sanity back from my head to my toes. This is because I have a special understanding of how changing your mindset transforms your body. I experienced it firsthand. From recovering from a broken neck due to a severe car accident, to PCOS, high blood pressure and headaches, I’ve lived through the challenges and am now on the other side. I have lost over 100 lbs and am medication free! When I began taking my SANEity back I weighED 278 lbs. wearing a size 4x. Today I am a fit 176 lbs. wearing a size 10 Medium!

If you are what you eat, then I am a product of what I’ve been feeding on from both Jonathan Bailor (The Smarter Science of Slim) and Dr. Jade Teta (Metabolic Effect). I began by feasting on SANE podcasts, writings etc., then learned of Metabolic Effect’s programs and continued feasting there, as well as earning my nutrition certifications. Other great fitness/nutrition experts followed and offered even more tasty lessons helping me on my way. (Isn’t it great how we can work, learn and grow together by helping each other?) So now I’m a hormonal fat loss coach who specializes in helping people find their fat loss formula for their lifestyle. Because of choosing to Eat SANE I am now able to use the advanced principles of hormonal nutrition to help people reshape their bodies, reach their fat loss goals and live in their best possible health. This is why I chose to totally change careers and founded my business EAT SANE providing in person and online nutrition and fat loss coaching to help people live their best and healthiest lives.

At EAT SANE we like to say:

“We have ‘WEALTH’ managers who help us with our finances, what we need are ‘WELL-TH’ managers who help us achieve better health, so we can truly enjoy our wealth!”

If I can “go SANE” and “get eccentric,” transform my life, and empower others, any one can! What are you waiting for?! EAT SANE ;)

Christine Biswabic

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