Why Calorie Counting Fails & How to Burn Fat Without It


Here’s a recent guest post I did for Diets In Review. Hope it’s helpful :)

Which of the following statements are true?

a. A pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of lead.
b. We have to consciously decrease calories in or increase calories out in order to burn fat.
c. All triangles have three sides.

If we believe what we’ve been taught, A, B, and C are all true. However, it may come as a surprise (or not, considering the dramatic rise in obesity) that biologists have known for a long time that B is false. We do not need to consciously eat less or exercise more in order to burn fat.

How’s this possible?

There are at least three major biological missteps with calorie counting: Read more

Once Biggest Losers, Now Exercising Smarter – CrossFit, Spinning, Intervals, and More


Next stop on The Biggest Loser’s Jennifer Jacobs and Jay Jacobs‘ shift from short-term weight loss to long-term health and fat-loss: Q&A regarding exercising less–but smarter vs. exercising for literally six hours per day “on the ranch.” Enjoy the short, medium, and full versions of our chat below. I personally recommend the full version, but we want to provide something for everyone :) – Jonathan Bailor

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Disturbing Data Demonstrating That Low-Fat Made Us Fat


“Saying we become fat by eating fat is like saying we become green by eating green vegetables.” — Paraphrase of Uffe Ravnskov, MD, Ph.D.

We are told that sugar-laden muffins, nutritionally neutered toast, and insulin-exploding juice are part of a balanced, nutritious breakfast because they are low in fat. After decades of this many of us now look at food and ask ourselves, “Is this low in fat?” If the answer is yes, we think it is healthy. Yet foods that contain fat are not necessarily unhealthy. Read more

Simple Science: How Excess Insulin Makes Us Fat


“…obesity is impossible in the absence of adequate tissue concentrations of insulin.” – M. Goldberg, in Journal of the American Medical Association

In the last post we touched on how hormones control the metabolic conversation that determines if we are storing or burning body fat. Let’s now dig into the hormone insulin’s role in this conversation as it is known in scientific circles as, “The most important hormonal factor influencing lipogenesis [body fat creation].” Read more

Calorie Quality Factor 4: Efficiency (The “E” in SANE)

Photo Credit: Life’s Ambrosia

“Efficiency…is dependent on…the nature of the fuel and the processes enlisted by the organism. A simple example is the inefficiency of low-test gasoline…If a ‘calorie is a calorie’…were true, [then gasoline is gasoline and] nobody would pay extra for high test gasoline.” – R.D. Feinman, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center

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