Why Do I Feel So “Blah” During Winter and What Can I Do About It?


by Catherine W. Britell, M.D.

The alarm clock rings.  It’s pitch black outside.  It’s so cold out there; so warm under the covers.  You roll over and hit the “snooze” button.  After the third “snooze” you reluctantly slip out of bed and into the shower,  get dressed, eat a quick breakfast and rush out the door for work, driving in the dark.   As midmorning rolls around, you can think of nothing but that gooey apple fritter you saw at the coffee stand in the lobby.  Noon brings a trip across the street for lunch.  Oooh…they have big soft hot pretzels and cream of tomato soup…you resist that, but decide on the whole grain grilled cheese sandwich.  So warm and soft and delicious.  By 2PM your eyes are droopy and you can barely concentrate on your work. A co-worker tells you he’s getting a Cinnamon Dolce Crème Frappuccino from downstairs and asks if you want one.  That sounds like the only way you’re going to get through this day.  Finally work is over, you drive home in the dark, and eschew your regular workout…you’re just too tired.   Your planned dinner of steamed veggies and that salmon fillet in the freezer doesn’t seem very appetizing, so you order in a pizza, watch a little TV, and turn in early. Read more

How Humanity Can Get Its SANEity Back


“We found marked improvement…after advice to follow a Paleolithic [SANE] diet compared with a healthy Western diet…The study adds to the notion that healthy diets based on whole-grain cereals and low-fat dairy products are only the second best choice in the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes.”– S. Lindeberg, University of Lund

How do we avoid this inSANEity? We need to be pragmatic and ask: Is there any way of eating that is proven to keep folks free from obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cardiovascular disease—aka the “diseases of civilization?” Read more