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A Healthy Body/Mind Automatically Balances Calories

It’s great to see articles like this that reinforce how a healthy body/mind automatically balances calories in and calories out…and how food quality is key to keeping the brain balancing us out automatically.

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Once Biggest Losers, Now Exercising Smarter – CrossFit, Spinning, Intervals, and More

  Next stop on The Biggest Loser’s Jennifer Jacobs and Jay Jacobs‘ shift from short-term weight loss to long-term health and fat-loss: Q&A regarding exercising less–but smarter vs. exercising for literally six hours per day “on the ranch.” Enjoy the short, medium, and full versions of our chat below. I personally recommend the full version, but […]

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How To Lower Your Set-Point Weight

  “Set-points are not fixed.”  –R.E. Keesey, University of Wisconsin You can stray from your set-point weight temporarily by lowering the quantity of food you eat and raising the quantity of exercise you do. Yet you cannot adjust your set-point weight itself unless you focus on changing the quality of the food and exercise. The […]

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How Our Set-Point Rises

Our metabolism keeps us at our set-point the same way it does everything else: hormones. The two most commonly talked about are insulin and leptin. Insulin determines whether we are storing or burning body fat. Leptin regulates how much food we eat, how much energy we burn, and the amount of body fat specified by […]

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Your Set-Point Weight

  “The set-point theory of body weight regulation is based on a large body of empiric evidence.”– D.S. Weigle, University of Washington Our fat metabolism system automatically regulates our weight around a “set-point.” That set-point is why no matter how little we eat or how much we exercise, we generally end up weighing the same. […]

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Researchers Conclude That “Calories In” and “Calories Out” Are Automatically Regulated

Despite being proven wrong, eating less and exercising more is still the most common approach to weight loss. We are led to believe that our body sits back while we consciously regulate our weight. That is not how our body works. After W.C. Miller of Indiana University ran a clinical test of this principle, he […]

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