News: Free Workbook Sample Now Available

The first 94 pages of The Smarter Science of Slim Workbook are now available for free at:

The Workbook will enable you to quickly:
1. Review the 10,000+ pages worth of research covered in The Smarter Science of Slim.
2. Overcome subconscious roadblocks which could derail your fat-loss efforts regardless of how much science you know.
3. Complete a simple five-week program which will lower your set-point weight, boost your health, and set you up for a lifetime of being slim, toned, and energized.

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  1. LeonRover
    LeonRover says:

    Hi Jonathon – found my way here after reading 1st interview with Tom Naughton.

    I like your approach.

    Please let me have a copy of the workboork.



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