Yet Another MD Finds SANE Eating to be Powerful Medicine



I have been a qualified Doctor since 1977, at the beginning of my career I used to work in the ‘prestigious’ Harley Street Diet Clinic in London to earn some pocket money whilst I was slaving away for 120 hours per week for the NHS! The way the diet clinics earned their huge incomes was not by virtue of the client’s success but by hoping for the client to fail. This way there would be at least one repeat consultation, multiply that by thousands of clients……..need I say more. I quickly disengaged myself from this money making concern and I went into General Practice which was, most certainly not a money making concern. As early as 1983 I was espousing the benefits of soluble fiber, high protein and low carbohydrate, not as a ‘diet’ but as a necessary re-education of self for life. I had a number of successes, some shedding 50 lbs. and keeping it off, but the majority insisted going on ‘a diet’ and paying through the nose for advice that was, at best dubious, and not evidence based.

During that time my own weight started to creep up, I failed to practice what I preached and looked at short term weight loss without the long term goal in mind i.e. eating to live rather than living to eat. In April my weight was over 18 stone (252lbs), my BMI was 32 and I felt awful. None of the dread disease had kicked in but I was fearful of metabolic syndrome creeping up on me. I happened upon Jonathan’s website whilst googling around weight-loss, it immediately struck me as honest and evidence based. So I got the book, watched the videos and bought the food, not thinking for a moment that this method would work over everything else I had tried: Atkins, F-Plan, Dukan…….I had already started cardiovascular conditioning exercises in 2011 after suffering from ME/CFS for 6 years, 4 of which were spent in bed unable to walk up stairs or lift a plate. As soon as I started the Smarter Science of Slim my weight began to drop DESPITE eating a handful of Almonds per day!!

The science behind the almond story is fascinatingly logical. So, since April, combining sensible cardiovascular exercise a stationary bike, with asymmetric weight machine exercises I have lost the grand total of 37lbs and I am continuing to lose safely and long term. My BMI has come down to 26.7, my body fat is at the lower limit of normal for a 59 year old and my body muscle is at the upper limit of normal. My resting pulse has come down from 90 to 54(an independent prognostic indicator of cardiovascular disease). I feel ENERGISED, I feel healthier than I’ve ever felt, why would I want to feel any different? So I am sticking to the evidence based, sensible eating and exercising plan I have adopted and I am spreading the word to whoever will listen to my evangelizing. It really works. I am not employed by any part of the Smarter Science of Slim organization, I am an independent individual.


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