News: Lisa Johnson is Going SANE and Getting Eccentric

Prominent health and fitness blogger Lisa Johnson is going SANE and getting eccentric for six weeks. Definitely worth following.

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  1. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    I am looking forward to her progress. I just read the book this past weekend and have already made huge changes in my eating. I do wonder how much slower results will be without the exercise because I am currently only able to walk due to a pinched nerve in my back. I try to get 5,000-10,000 steps per day depending on how my back feels. I can’t do any lifting or pushing or bending, basically, any of the Smarter Eccentric exercises. Is that going to slow my progress substantially?

    I have starved myself to death for 15 years and am basically a normal weight piece of flab. I am so excited about not having to starve anymore and getting the muscle back I once had.

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan says:

      Hi Cindy – Thank you for your kind words. Think of smarter exercise as a catalyst for unclogging the fat metabolism system. It provides an abundance of hormones that speed the chemical reactions necessary to clear our hormonal clog. When your pinched nerve heals, I’d highly recommend gradually working your way into smarter exercise. Until then, as long as you are eating SANEly and keep your 10,000 steps per day up, you will be doing all that you can…and that’s all we can ever ask of ourselves. – Jonathan Bailor
      PS Any facebook/twitter sharing is very much appreciated and if you’d be willing to post a quick review on amazon (link below) I’d really appreciate it. Thank you again.

  2. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Jon, a question about the time. I’m a 6’1 male, about 207 lbs, about 27% BF. I’ve read your book and it makes a lot of common sense.

    I’ve been doing your SANE diet/eccentric exercise program to a T (minus maybe one day a month) and the resistance training definitely did me good at first! However, this post did bring me to a question about “time” because I have yet to see any noticeable weight loss. Some weeks it seems like I gain weight. Mind you at my stats I’m only a bit overweight, but I’d like to get down about 25 lbs or so.

    I do have a desk job and I’m studying for the CPA exam, I used to walk a lot more.

    Do you have any advise or should I just be patient? I read on her blog that it takes about 5-6 six weeks for the hormones to “change”.


  3. Linda
    Linda says:

    Hi Johnathan,
    I just read your book. It makes a lot of sense to me. I’ve been trying to eat the recommended amounts of veggies & protein but I am stuffed. I am doing two protein shakes to get extra protein, 6-8 servings of veggies, 3-4 fruits, 2 nuts & get about 20 grams of protein at meals. I am doing the super model program. I am 5’8″, 148 lbs. My question is, if I don’t get all the recommended servings but following the basic guidelines will this work for me? Also, what do you think about pine nuts?


  4. Phil
    Phil says:

    I just downloaded and watched an interesting episode of, “BBC Horizon The Truth About Exercise” (It aired on Feb 28th, 2012).

    “Like many, Michael Mosley want to get fitter and healthier but can’t face hours on the treadmill or trips to the gym. Help may be at hand.

    He uncovers the surprising new research which suggests many of us could benefit from just three minutes of high intensity exercise a week.

    He discovers the hidden power of simple activities like walking and fidgeting, and finds out why some of us don’t respond to exercise at all

    Using himself as a guinea pig, Michael uncovers the surprising new research about exercise, that has the power to make us all live longer and healthier lives.”

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