Injuries, Stretching, Safe Starches, and Supplements


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This week we have some wonderful question from the amazing members of the free online Smarter Science of Slim Support Group:
– What if I enjoy additional high-intensity exercise?
– What if doing smarter exercise hurts in a bad way?
– What if injuries prevent me from exercising smarter?
– What about stretching before or after smarter exercise?
– What about Paul Jaminet recommendations around white rice and potatoes?
– What about chromium polynicotinate supplements?

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Jonathan Bailor!/jonathanbailor
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2 replies
  1. Richard Davis
    Richard Davis says:

    We hearing impaired people, or at least this one, don’t get to enjoy podcasts.

    It’d be great to also see transcriptions!

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan says:

      Hi Richard – We’d love to provide transcripts. Given that the podcast is free, do you know of anyone who would volunteer to help with this? We’d tried using software, but the transcription was not so good :) – Jonathan Bailor

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