Bonus: Sam Feltham – Eating 5,000 Calories and Busting Myths


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This week we have the pleasure of hearing from Sam Feltham. In his own words:

“Let me set the scene for you…

…the year was 2010 and it was the height of the recession, but there was something brewing in the east end of London. A leading personal trainer in London, Sam Feltham, was becoming more and more frustrated with the commercial gym he was working at.

Sam was getting frustrated with the cramped conditions, lack of customer service and the unethical actions of the commercial gyms. In reaction to his frustration Sam started to train small groups of people in a local church. When Sam’s clients saw the level of commitment he had to their success there was no turning back and SMASH THE FAT Fitness & Fat Loss Boot Camps were born.

Hi There,

My name is Sam Feltham, I am the founder and owner of SMASH THE FAT Fitness & Fat Loss Boot Camps. I hope you enjoyed the very brief story of how SMASH THE FAT started. Before I talk to you about our story in a bit more detail I wanted to tell you a little bit more about my own story.


I have been in the health and fitness industry for over a decade now since the tender age of 16. Starting out as a party co-ordiantor for a sports centre and working my way up to studying at the European Institute of Fitness and becoming a Master Personal Trainer. During this time I was also a globe-trotting Snowboard Instructor and Course Leader, in places such as New Zealand, America, Switzerland and Canada for Peak Leaders.


As well as snowboarding around the world I’ve had many other adventures, such as walking from Lands End to John O’ Groats in 2005. Walking a total of 1000 miles, to help raise £1100 for Cancer Research UK. I did the walk solo walking 26 miles, a marathon, a day and after 62 days I completed the journey.


Why stop that awesomely healthy lifestyle of snowboarding round the world and walking country’s? I hear you ask. Well after 4 years of lots of exciting adventures there was only one thing that got me really excited! That was to coach people. From my 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and coaching people of all levels in snowboarding, from beginners to instructors, I finally felt that I found my calling. It is now my own personal mission in life to help as many people as possible to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It’s my ethos to make SMASH THE FAT Fitness & Fat Loss Boot Camps different from the commercial fitness industry. We are 100% honest with you and all of our systems and techniques for fat loss and health are 100% backed up with the latest scientific research studies. This is why we are able to offer a “Drop a clothes size in 28 days” GUARANTEE on everything we do.

If you want to become one of the many people that SMASH THE FAT has helped to drop a clothes size in 28 days then take a look around, especially the blog which has plenty of information about fat loss and health. Also, don’t forget to download your FREE fat loss report form in the top right hand corner.

I am looking forward to helping you SMASH through the barriers in the way of your healthy lifestyle.

Be well and SMASH IT OUT!


Jonathan Bailor!/jonathanbailor

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