Research seems to continually present new findings. For example, first the discovery of vitamin D3 and just recently 3,000 “types” of D3s. Do we now need to stock our pantry with 3,000 D3 supplements? We could. Or we could eat SANE whole foods. In the past, many of us focused on little things—supplementing with individual nutrients—rather than focusing on big things—eating SANE whole foods. And the result? Many have gotten heavier and sicker. Let’s get back to basics. Let’s focus on eating more SANE whole food. Let’s eat more, but smarter.

Sometimes, though, eating SANE whole foods is not practical. Last time I tried to stay SANE by taking two heads of romaine, a big bag of spinach, and some salmon on the plane from Seattle to Manhattan, the results were quite insane :) However, in times like this we can still stay SANE conveniently by dehydrating, freeze drying, and preserving the whole food. Common examples are jerkies (whole food fish and meat) and wheat grass powder (whole food non-starchy vegetable). In the recommendations below you will find convenient SANE food options along these lines, and some other products that can simplify going SANE.

Note: These recommendations focus on organically grown, raw, gluten free, non-GMO whole foods dried at low temperature to preserve vital enzymes and nutrients. All of these powdered foods have undergone strict quality assurance which includes testing for botanical identity, heavy metals, and contaminants.




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