SANE Peanut Butter Pie. Go Ahead. Eat Dessert First.

Many members of The Smarter Science of Slim Community have shared all sorts of delicious ways to enjoy plain Greek yogurt (here, here, here). One way that I recently discovered involves using plain Greek yogurt to make what tastes like the filling of a peanut butter pie. The neat thing is that while this mixture can be put into a SANE pie crust, if you enjoy it right out of the bowl, it’s 44% protein, 42% healthy fats, and 14% carbohydrate. To put that in perspective, eggs are 29% protein, tofu is 37% protein, and salmon is 48% protein. That peanut butter pie sounds more like a SANE meal than a dessert.

Of course it’s not going to be as good as actual peanut butter pie filling, but getting as close as this gets while staying SANE makes me happy :)


  • Non-fat plain Greek yogurt + non-caloric sweetener of your choice



  • 2 cups non-fat plain Greek yogurt
  • ½ cup + a tablespoon of natural peanut butter
  • What would be equivalent to approximately 2 tablespoons of sugar worth of the non-caloric sweetener of your choice (start with less and add more according to your desired level of sweetness)
  • 3 scoops vanilla whey protein isolate
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract




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    • Jonathan
      Jonathan says:

      Hi Erica – It helps to keep the protein and fat ratio more balanced. If one is after a bit more fat and a bit less protein, full fat Greek yogurt will do that better. – Jonathan Bailor

  1. Susan Brainerd
    Susan Brainerd says:

    I tried this recipe, just the filling part of the pie. It’s delicious. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Jacy Gowlovech
    Jacy Gowlovech says:

    Thanks for the recipe! Are you going to have a recipe book out sometime. Would LOVE that, we are following the diet as per your smarter science of slim book. But need more ideas for meal, DESERTS, ect. My husband has lost 30 lbs and is building muscle. I have lost 10 and lost the love handles. Also building muscle myself. We try to share your book and your ideas with everyone we can!

  3. Jonathan
    Jonathan says:

    Hi Jacy – Thank you for your kind words! A recipe book is in the works, and in the meantime readers are sharing many wonderful SANE recipes in The Smarter Science of Slim Community at: I’m so delighted to hear about you and your husband and would love if you’d be willing to share your success story in the aforementioned community…I think it will inspire and encourage many.

    Welcome to the SANEity and thank you again.

    – Jonathan Bailor

    PS Any facebook/twitter sharing is very much appreciated and if you’d be willing to post a quick review on amazon (link below) I’d really appreciate it. Thank you again.

  4. David
    David says:

    Any idea what the total amount of carbs in this recipe is? I’m a type 2 diabetic and am uneasy about adding new foods which have things I don’t usually eat (honey) if I don’t know the carb count. Thanks.

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan says:

      Hi David – Sadly I do not but it should be relatively easy to calculate…and I think carbs account for ~10% (if not less) of the total calories. Thanks for reading.

      Yours in SANEity and eccentricity,
      – Jonathan Bailor

  5. Chuck
    Chuck says:


    The recipe looks awesome- but what are your thoughts about peanuts? And legumes in general? Wouldn’t almond butter be a better choice?

    Thanks! I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts interviews with you lately!

  6. Tom L.
    Tom L. says:

    i calculated the nutrition on this pie with crust. Here is the breakdown for a hearty 1/6th portion:

    481 CALORIES
    28 GRAMS FAT

    Just bought all the ingredients…About to make it this weekend. Very excited!

  7. Tom L
    Tom L says:

    Quick update, made this last night…It came together very easily, and OMG, it was unbelievably good, with a couple footnotes:

    1: Did you know coconut is a natural laxative? LOL, just saying…Buyer beware. :)

    2: I found it hard to portion control the pie, so, the next time I make this, I think I’m going to make it in 6 individual containers, divide the crust by 6, and bake them individually. That way, I won’t accidentally over-consume this incredible peanut butter yumminess.

    3: I omitted the honey, as Jonathan suggested, and simply replaced it with non-sugar sweetener (I used splenda, I’m sure Stevia would work just as well).

    Anyway, Kudos on this one! What a guilt-free treat.

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