Science Sound Bite: Smarter Science of Slim Summary

Our body fat level is controlled by our set-point and fat metabolism system. Our set-point and fat metabolism system are controlled by hormones. Our hormones are controlled by the quality of our diet. The quality of our diet is controlled by the quality of our calories. The quality of our calories is controlled by their Satiety, Aggression, Nutrition, and Efficiency. SANE high-quality calories trigger body-fat-burning hormones. InSANE low-quality calories trigger body-fat-storing hormones. SANE calories are packed with water, fiber, and protein. They enables us to feel full so we can easily avoid dry, fiber-free, and protein-poor calories.

When we raise the quality of our diet, our hormones heal, the clog in our fat metabolism system clears, and our set-point falls. We create both the need and the ability to burn body fat. Then our bodies behave like the bodies of naturally thin people. We burn body fat all day automatically.