Slim Is, Mercury, How Much Resistance, and Bikes for Smarter Cardio


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This week:
– Introducing and the audio debut of Slim Is the Non-Profit Nutrition Education Effort
– What about the reported mercury in seafood and heavy metals found in some protein supplements?
– How much resistance should I be using when I do eccentric exercises?
– Do I have to use a bike for smarter cardio or would other machines like ellipticals work?

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Jonathan Bailor!/jonathanbailor
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The Slim Is Non-Profit Nutrition Education Effort

3 replies
  1. Andrew Warner
    Andrew Warner says:

    Hi guys and gals,
    thanks so much for all your work. Just a quick note on the mercury content of fish. Chris Kresser hosted Dr Nicholas Ralston on his podcast recently and Dr Ralston had some very interesting things to say about mercury in fish.

    Basically, if the fish has more selenium than mercury there is little to no risk of toxicity from the mercury. Most ocean fish (not mammals) have plenty of selenium.

    Might be worth a listen.


  2. Meghan Kennihan
    Meghan Kennihan says:

    Hi Jonathon,
    Got the book yesterday and tried to do the SSOS Cardio…. I am an ironman triathlete and elite level runner in half and full marathons so I actually did a two hour bike workout before trying the 10 minutes but the problem is I put the bike gear at the top (these are nice bikes… Keiser m3) and I could still go for over a minute…. any advice?

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