Does Walking Burn Fat Effectively?

I always read things like “walk the pounds off.” I know walking is good for me, but does it really burn fat effectively?


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  1. Andrea Meyer
    Andrea Meyer says:

    Jonathan, you’re the greatest, but I have to disagree on the walking answer. My 17 year old son has the body comp. of a greek God, but he also has type 1 diabetes. If he takes a walk after meals; say a 1/2 hr. walk after Sunday dinner, he burns a lot more glucose than one would imagine. Isn’t that a “hormonal improvement” that would help with not storing fat? I believe exercise like walking may not help us “lose” fat, but our blood glucose meters would say it prevents the storage of body fat by lowering glucose and therefore insulin. Not to mention the fact that it seems cultures whose citezens walk everywhere are quite lean.

    • Jonathan
      Jonathan says:

      Hi Andrea – Thank you for your kind words. While burning glucose instead of storing glucose is certainly useful, and while walking is certainly a healthy activity, it may be helpful to keep three things in mind:

      1. Burning glucose does not cause a the type of systematic and lasting hormonal change I’m referring to in the video (ex. releasing epinephrine, adrenaline, growth hormone, etc…I cover this in much more detail in the book).

      2. It’s important to protect ourselves from the “we must manually regulate calories in and calories out” (or energy in/energy out, or glucose in/glucose out) myth. The idea that we can override our set-point by exercising more can led us to a very frustrating place. This is covered much more in The Smarter Science of Slim.

      3. Regarding the lean cultures point. It may be useful to revisit the portion of The Smarter Science of Slim that discusses how studies show that people are inactive because they are overweight, not that they are overweight because they are inactive.

      Thank you again for your support Andrea…and of course, definitely keep up whatever works for you…I’m simply trying to share what the studies show :)

      – Jonathan Bailor

  2. Andrea Meyer
    Andrea Meyer says:

    Jonathan, thank-you. I haven’t bought a health and nutrition book in years, but I’m buying yours tomorrow. I really appreciate you bringing the information together in one place. I love your reply. Thanks for helping me think broader about what I thought I already understood!

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